Our quality is rooted in our soil.

The family behind your food.

When you do the math, it’s hard to believe we’ve been farming this land for four generations. At the same time, we can’t imagine a life without it. This slice of paradise here in Sunnyside is more than just our home, it’s our livelihood. These are our roots- that of the fruit trees we planted long ago and those of our family. We farm cherries, pears, and juice grapes, produce compost, crush oilseeds, and do a host of other regenerative agriculture practices right here in our literal backyard. 

Leading with passion, kindness, and dependability, we are committed to enriching our farm family, our community, and our environment. When you support us, you support this mission, and our whole team thanks you for trusting us to put food on your table. 

We are passionate about the life we live and love sharing our story with you. You are always welcome to reach out to us or even visit our farm if you're ever in the neighborhood!

The family behind your food

Our home- Sunnyside, Washington

Nestled in the lower Yakima Valley, this place we call home is more than aptly named- rumor has it the sun shines almost 300 days of the year here. That means a longer growing season, healthier animals, and happier people (just ask us!). The sloping hillside of Snipes Mountain provides us with ideal sunlight angles and air flow. Our fertile soil was carried to us by the Missoula floods tens of thousands of years ago and provides us with a nurturing foundation on which to raise our crops. 

Bringing the best to you.

Snipes Mountain Ranch was born from our desire to build a relationship with those who appreciate fresh, local and responsibly-raised produce and beef. Our products have historically been sold through the traditional produce distribution channels (farm to packing house to grocery store). Lost in those logistics, however, is the connection between the farmer and consumer. We constantly strive for the highest quality, only sending the best to market, but it wasn’t until we expanded to offer direct-to-consumer that we experienced the satisfaction of seeing our products bring happiness, health, and enjoyment to the people that purchased them.

Bringing the best to you.

Seasonal Products

We offer cherries and pears when they are fresh off the tree. This is typically around July for cherries and August/September for pears, but is ultimately up to Mother Nature. You can pre-order to ensure that you get our fresh, delicious fruit first or sign-up for to know when cherries and pears will be available. 

Year Round Products

We will have our beef year round! You have a choice of selecting a crate or pre-selected items or individual cuts based on your desire.

Pick up locations:

  • Sunnyside, WA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • West Seattle, WA
  • North Seattle, WA

Once you have placed your order, you will receive confirmation via email with pick-up date / times and the address based on your selected location.

Snipes Mountain Ranch

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