Fourth-generation farm family farming

on the southern slope of Snipes Mountain

in Sunnyside, Washington
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Bringing the best to you.

As a small family farm, we strive to deliver excellence every day by growing, raising, and selling quality meat and produce. We are there every step of the way- making sure our fruit is grown, harvested and packed with care, that our cattle are bred and raised responsibly. We have the great fortune (and even greater pleasure) of seeing everything we grow every day- something that has become quite the rarity in today’s food industry. 

We are the stewards of this soil, the caretakers of the crops, the animals, and the community of people around us. When you bite into the fruits of our labor, we hope you feel the connection to the people who nurtured it and feel rooted in the landscape that provided it.

By choosing Snipes Mountain Ranch products, you'll have firsthand knowledge of where and who grew and cared for the food you prepare for your loved ones. Thank you for trusting us with this great responsibility and for allowing us to be part of your family.


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Snipes Mountain Ranch

6800 Emerald Rd
Sunnyside, WA 98944

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