And so it began.

The five of us wandered into the Waimea Butcher Shop on misty Big Island day.  We always sought out a well-marbled ribeye but the meat on the other side of the glass was more than just three-inch-thick Tomahawks and bright red filet mignons.  It was beef that had been bred with intention; born, fed, and raised with care, and hung and cut with the critical expertise of one who knows both his animal and his client. 

Mills, the butcher, talked with us about the local farms, the challenges of achieving sufficient hang-times on the Island of Hawaii where electricity is so expensive, and how the techniques of the butcher could compliment or ruin the final product.  

We selected a ribeye and a filet minion and asked Mills for his cooking recommendations.  He disappeared and reemerged with mix of spices.  “This is my special mix, rub it on before you grill.”  Every bite melted in our mouths.  This was a flavor to be savored and remembered. It left us chewing on the question "How can we recreate this experience on our own farm?"

How it Began

The Catalyst… or the “Cattlyst”

Raising cattle had been on the table since our visit to Mill’s shop.  Our parents both had cattle growing up, we had the space for a small herd, an excellent veterinarian, and many close friends who worked in all aspects of the bovine field.  But we weren’t ready to commit.

Until March 13, 2020, our dear friend Clint gave Shelly a birthday present of two orphan calves—Belle and Annie.  These girls were a hoot!  They reignited the conversation and broke through our hesitancy.  It wasn’t long before we had a herd of own.   

Home of the Happiest and Healthiest Herd

We knew going into this, that the only way to achieve the level of quality and flavor that we found at Mill’s Butcher Shop is ABSOLUTE ATTENTION TO DETAIL IN EVERY STEP OF THE PROCESS.  We are passionate about what we do, so if you find yourself craving more…call us! We love to chat!

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