Organic Pears

Organic Pears

We raise certified organic D’Anjou, Bartlett, and Bosc pears. We were one of the first fruit farms to complete our organic certification process over 28 years-ago. We are also Global Gap certified and always continue to grow and evolve our farming practices. We focus on providing healthy and sustainable produce.

When we became organic it was challenging to find nutrients to regenerate our soils, so we began producing our own organic, non-manure compost. We have found that utilizing compost and organic practices we could give our trees the nutrients and ability to flourish and produce high quality pears.

When you receive your pears, you can either enjoy them, store them in a cool spot (in the right temperature you can keep them through December), can or dry them. Each box will contain an informational sheet on storing, ensuring they have had proper box ripening time, and pear recipes such as our favorite pear and bacon pizza.

Organic Pears
Snipes Mountain Ranch

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